Much like your car, your teeth deserve regular servicing and maintenance.

Imagine all the things that could go wrong if you neglected to change your car’s oil, or worse, the brake pads?

Simple, cost-effective preventative action will save you and your wallet loads of money in the long run…so why not consider your teeth just as vital an investment?

From conversing with our customers at Cute Smile Dentistry, it seems the most difficult aspect of daily, dental upkeep is the same as when we were kids…

Sometimes, we just get lazy.

And we get it.

After a long day at work, sometimes it’s difficult to force ourselves to take those extra steps – brush, floss, and rinse – when the warm, cozy confines of our beds are just within reach. And sometimes we lie to ourselves, and we convince that nagging voice in our heads that we can just get away with brushing extra hard tomorrow.

We’ve all been there.

Funny thing is, the same tricks that our parents instilled on us to get us to brush when we were children, still work if we can get a little creative…


Set an Alarm

With the added convenience of smartphones practically functioning as an extra limb, setting reminders to help us stay on track is a deceptively simple, yet powerfully effective means to keeping to your schedule.

Like it or not, we are not above Pavlovian conditioning, and before long, hearing your alarm go off will begin to trigger an internal response – and desire – to get to work on your teeth.


Play a Song

Is there any particular jam you can’t get out of your head? The latest radio craze from Jay-Z or Alicia Keys?

Great. Use it.

Play it through while you do your daily dental routine – most songs will clock in at around 3-5 minutes, nearly the perfect time frame to floss, brush, and rinse.

Want an added challenge?

Try racing the song. Seriously, you might get a kick out of it.


Time Your Routine with a TV Show

When we were kids, sometimes we’d be given incentives for brushing our teeth on time.

Maybe some stickers, or a toy…or maybe a little extra TV time?

If you can suspend your infallible adult logic for a moment and overlook the obvious fact that your parents aren’t around to tell you when to go to bed anymore (at least, we hope…) then a great way to keep on schedule is by rewarding yourself with watching another episode of your favorite show.

It helps break the monotony of “binge-watching”, which should help ease your conscience just a bit.

Still not convinced? How about sneaking in your brushing during lapses in between your TV shows.

You don’t really need to see those ending credits…or the annoying commercials…do you?


Don’t Skimp on Scheduling Appointments

While daily care goes a long way, remember to always stay on top of scheduling routine appointments with your dentist!

Have any tips or tricks you’d like to add to help keep to your daily dental schedule? Let us know!



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