When you want to make a great first impression, there’s nothing more important than your smile.

Ask anybody.

Sure, the handshake is crucial too…what you’re wearing, your posture, your cologne/perfume etc….

But it’s your smile that will really do the trick; your smile is what sells you.

Unfortunately, even despite the best preventative efforts your teeth will deteriorate and discolor over time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just inevitable – after all, you can’t always sneak off to brush after every cup of coffee at work, or after a glass of wine during a date.

Naturally, this will lead to subtle staining of your enamel that will become more and more noticeable without direct treatment.

Imagine yourself meeting someone for the first time… It can be anyone: a client, a business partner, a potential mate… You stand up a little taller, you hold out your hand for some good old-fashioned civility, and then they smile…and you immediately wonder if it’s the lighting that’s making their teeth look tarnished and yellow…or if they’ve smoked a pack of cigarettes every day since they were twelve.

Hmm. Yeah.

Of course you can’t judge a book solely by its cover – or the state of its pages – but nonetheless, there’s an instinctual flinch that comes with tarnished teeth.

Here at Cute Smile Dentistry, our goal is to make sure you bring your A-game to every meeting, every encounter, and every first impression.

We offer a variety of services ranging from general to cosmetic dentistry, to highly specialized care in endodontics (gum treatments) and periodontics (root canal treatments) utilizing the most state of art equipment and procedures.

Each member of our humble team has been hand-picked from a rigorous screening process to ensure that we collaboratively offer the most welcoming, professional, and above all else, quality, dental experience for you and your loved ones.

With us, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Remember, your smile says it all – so say it confidently!

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