Green Tea

For centuries Asian cultures have touted the astonishing health benefits of green tea, and only now is Western civilization catching up.

Of course, we are not a society to take the notions of “elixirs” and “magical potions” lightly – no, we put them to the test.

Surprisingly (or maybe not, for some of you?), it turns out the many benefits long rumored about green tea have proven clinically significant in various studies, not only here, but worldwide.

Green tea has shown to have several key health benefits for your body, and even some highly beneficial for your mouth! (And when we refer to green tea, we are specifically referring to its loose leaf, organic form – not the bottled, diluted concoctions loaded with high fructose corn syrup and other additives you see in most grocery store shelves!)

1. Green Tea Helps Prevent (And Reduce!)

Gum Disease! In numerous studies, regular (one cup a day) consumption of green tea has shown to significantly reduce gum bleeding! This is thanks to an abundant presence of antimicrobial molecules called catechins; green tea has been shown to promote periodontal (that’s your gums, in fancy terminology) health by reducing the inflammatory response your mouth has on periodontal bacteria. Green tea also has an altering effect on your mouth’s saliva production and fluidity, which in turn helps kills off stubborn, lingering bacteria lurking in the deep pockets between your teeth and gums!

2. Green Tea Helps Prevent Tooth Decay!

Gotta thank the catechins again on this one! Much how catechins kill of bacteria that promote inflammatory responses in your gums, they also lower the acidity of your saliva and dental plaque, thus radically reducing potential tooth decay and preventing cavities! But before you go on thinking to replace your mouthwash with green tea, remember that green tea has also been shown to stain tooth enamel over time (although significantly less so that black tea or coffee) – so be sure and keep up your brushing and flossing!

3. Green Tea Helps Inhibit Cancer Growth!

This is primarily due to the presence of antioxidants found within green tea, the primary reason green tea has proliferated in recent years with the increased emergence of oral cancers. Green tea’s potent antioxidants have long been shown to protect against cellular damage and limit cancerous growths – and these effects aren’t just localized to your mouth! – while these studies are still highly debated, the vast majority of researchers have claimed with confidence that there is a distinguishable effect green tea has on inhibiting cancerous growths in the mouth.

4. Green Tea Promotes Better Breath!

And last, but not least, green tea helps keep offensive odors in check by killing off sulfurous compounds that are emitted by lingering bacteria in your mouth! While it may not have the same potency as a breath mint, green tea can help you keep your morning/coffee/garlicky/whatever else-breath under control in a pinch!

Remember though, while the many benefits of green tea are astonishing, it is still NOT considered a medical remedy for pervasive oral problems!

Green tea is, at the end of the day, an herbal beverage meant to be enjoyed, not used as a sole cure-all for tooth and gum complications. And that’s why you got us – CuteSmile Dentistry – ready and waiting to do our part in keeping your teeth happy and clean

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