In a way, teeth are like shoes…

(Okay, hold on, bear with us here…)

We mean this in the sense that no matter how well maintain your shoes, no matter how often you clean and scrub and care for them, they’re bound to get dirty over time through daily use – and your teeth are certainly no exception.

Even the best, healthiest teeth aren’t pure white.

Luckily, along with professional cosmetic cleanings and regular visits to your friendly Cute Smile dentist, there are a few tricks to keeping your teeth as stain-free as possible in between routine check-ups.

1.  Choose Your Beverages Wisely!

Coffee, tea, wine, and soda are the biggest culprits in the matter of teeth staining!

Much like in sports, the best defense here is offense – if at all possible, simply avoid these beverages.

But…since you are, what we assume to be, a relatively normal functioning human being in a commercialized society that glorifies Starbucks and Coca-Cola, we feel it’s safe to presume that you won’t always be able to stave off these offenders.

A great way to prevent accumulative staining due to the high levels of tannins and chromogens (the stuff that actually strip away your enamel and cause staining) found in these beverages is to finish your drink in one sitting – sipping throughout the day only prolongs exposure – and rinsing your mouth out with water once you’re done.

Believe it or not, this simple little trick can work wonders in delaying the inevitable.

2.  Opt For a Straw

Yes, yes…it sounds stupid.

But think about it.

By drinking your beverage through a straw, you limit the exposure of the harmful tannins, chromogens, and acidity of your drink to the surface of your teeth. It’s not exactly a perfect preventative strategy, but it’s something to consider.

We also don’t recommend you do this with your morning coffee – that’s a trend that won’t catch on.

3.  Invest in a Travel Toothbrush

For all of $1.00 you can be the proud owner of your very own spiffy, foldable, travel-sized toothbrush!


In an age where you’re probably carrying around a cell phone, iPod, tablet, Kindle, and all the accompanying chargers and cords…what’s the harm in adding one more item of convenience to your daily arsenal?

It costs practically nothing and it only takes a couple minutes to brush in between your coffee breaks at the office, but you’ll be doing your pearly whites a huge favor!

5.  An Apple a Day…

It doesn’t just keep the doctors away!

Some common fruits and vegetables actually act as soft scrubs and help promote saliva production in your mouth, which in turn counteracts harmful acids that would otherwise do your teeth harm.

Along with apples, you can also reach for: carrots, oranges, grapefruits, cauliflower, and celery!


Yes, easier said than done, but tobacco stains are both difficult to remove and easy to accumulate without proper care.

Admittedly, we have our share of smokers who engage in frequent cosmetic care to lighten their stains, and while it’s good to have business, we always urge our customers to consider cutting out the middle man (cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, etc.) altogether.

Your teeth – and health! – will thank you in the long run!


We here at Cute Smile Dentistry hope that this brief list will help you in your future endeavors to keeping your teeth as stain-free as possible. And remember, when you’re ready for that regular check-up, or just a cosmetic touch up, we’re just a click away!





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